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The Heart of Balance and Harmony

The past 11 months have been rich with opportunities of lessons and growth. The year began with the decision to take my career path on a new direction with the excitement of enhancing and growing my energy medicine practice and the prospect of a business partnership however, the partnership was not meant to be. The lesson I learned from that experience is that I am capable of running my own business and look forward to doing so in the coming year.

Writing for Sibyl Magazine has been a rewarding experience in that I found myself comfortable in being able to express and share my personal and professional experiences and knowledge with each and everyone one of you. Such a joy it has been, even though at times it was challenging to discern what new article to write each month.

I left the comfort of my oncology nursing career and took on a new venture in the gastrointestinal world. I truly enjoy working with this patient population and have enjoyed getting to know my colleagues at this practice over the past 9 months. This is a part time position for me, which affords me the ability to pursue the growth of my energy medicine practice while keeping my nursing skills up.

I have provided editing services to several holistic mentors in my life and have assisted with the publishing of books and training programs to include Healing Touch Program, meditation training, and other various energy medicine practices. I also edited my late husband’s novel, Waypoint to Revenge, which is published in his memory and now available on Amazon as an e-book.

I experienced a fall in late August, injuring my face and right hand. This was during a time when I felt like everything was going my way, I had a lot of decisions to make and ideas I wanted to move on. It was clear to me that the Universe was telling me to slow down and take some time to reflect and focus on my own healing. I realized that I was constantly focused on others’ needs and not taking time for myself.

I was introduced to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in October and met some fabulous writers from Sibyl Magazine who are from Boston, California, Indiana and Virginia. I am so grateful to have experienced the beauty and charm of San Miguel with these women and value the friendships that blossomed during our time together. If you’ve never been to San Miguel or to Mexico, I highly recommend you visit San Miguel for you will enjoy the locals, the culture, architecture and charm of this magnificent city that sits atop quartz crystals.

As the year comes to a close, my heart as well as my body, mind and spirit feel completely in balance and harmony. I wish you all the best for the New Year! 954.290.8313

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