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Oh, the Power of Positivity!

We are encouraged to provide nourishing foods to our bodies to keep ourselves healthy and vibrant. Why not provide the same kind of care to our mind and thought processes? The mind is a powerful tool for our body, mind and spirit. Why not nourish it with positive thoughts/affirmations vs negative.

Ever wondered how you think about someone you haven’t encountered in a long time and they suddenly contact you or you see them somewhere? Your thought processes were so strong and connected with that individual that you were able to manifest that encounter. Curious, isn’t it!

There was a time in my life where I was prone to speaking/thinking negatively and began to wonder if this could be the cause of my aches/pains and anger/sadness that I was feeling. I would find myself, as well others in my life, saying things like: “nothing is ever going to change for me, these are the cards I have been dealt;” ”I know I’ll get a cold or flu this season, I always do;” “I’ve got all this work to do and it’s making me sick.”

Wow, can you feel the negativity in those statements? Ponder this for a moment - imagine if you changed your own thoughts/affirmations from the negative to the positive. Positive affirmations like: “I am worthy of a wonderful life;” “I love myself completely and take excellent care of my body, mind and spirit;” “Everything I need for my health and wellness comes to me.”

I decided that if I wanted my life to change, I needed to do something about it. I came across a book by Louise Hay, You can Heal Your Life, that discusses the power of the mind and the how our thoughts can affect our health and well-being. I researched other writings about how our mind and thought processes influence our lives in so many ways, and that by using positive affirmations one can influence their journey towards better health and wellness.

I was so willing to make changes to manifest a healthier body, mind and spirit. I began to recite this affirmation on a daily basis - I love and approve of myself and am doing the best I can – for thirty days. I noticed things shifting in my life about 3 weeks into incorporating this exercise. I began to experience better health and wellness as well as a sense of inner peace.

I continue to recite positive affirmations on a daily basis and receive blessings every day. I’ve added affirmations to assist with a successful and vibrant career. My life has been enriched with a thriving energy medicine practice in addition to an abundance of health, wellness and prosperity. I am so grateful to be able to share my talents and abilities with those who seek their own healing. This is my way of paying it forward!

Thoughts become things, I invite you to choose positive affirmations for your health and well-being! Namaste

Maryland, USA


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