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"A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself ." - Maryam Hasnaa

About Donna

Donna Ackerman, RN, HN-BC, CHPN, HTCP/I

Soft Landing Healing - A Healing Arts Practice

Holistic Nurse - Board Certified

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor

Certified Integrative Reflexologist

Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner

Myofascial & Cranial Sacral Practitioner

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
(954) 290-8313

I am an energy medicine practitioner and instructor certified in Healing Touch and Integrative Reflexology, certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation teacher and incorporate Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Therapy in sessions.  I am also a certified Holistic and Hospice/Palliative Care nurse.  

I come to you from both sides of the healing continuum, both personally and professionally.  As a caregiver to my late husband, who left this earthly plane in April 2000 from metastatic colon cancer.  In November of 2000, I was introduced to Healing Touch.  His nurse, Christina, invited me to attend with her.  That very first class changed my life in so many positive ways, not only for my self-care, but it had also provided another avenue of caring for my patients, family and friends over the years.


I made a promise to Shelton and myself that after his passing, I would become an Oncology Nurse and provide the gentle, loving care that we received throughout his illness.  That journey brought me to Maryland to work with Military cancer patients and their families, both active duty and retired.  My father was a Marine and it brought me so much joy to be able to give back as a civilian in his honor as well as to those who serve and have served our Country to keep us all safe!

In April 2017, I relocated to Sedona, AZ .  I have a private practice and provide integrative sessions for all those who seek support in their own healing of body, mind and spirit via Healing Touch and other energy medicine modalities.


I teach Healing Touch Level 1 classes throughout the year for those who desire an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy-based concepts.  One of my greatest joys is to bring light to the world through teaching and sharing the gift of Healing Touch and other energy medicine practices.


A Special Thanks to Photographic Artist Ben Lavitt for creating the Soft Landing Logo.

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