Gina S.

Donna brings a sense of calm, healing magic to every encounter that I have ever had with her.  Healing is her passion: hearts, emotions, bodies.  I watched her caring ears and abiding wisdom bring hope and strength to my husband and I have experienced her healing touch personally in both healing session and in sharing her own healing journey.  Donna's love of walking with someone who is healing is both deeply personal for her and also the essence of drawing forth confidence from those whose lives she touches.  You will be blessed by her presence and in her presence. C. Ray

The session was almost magical in helping with anxiety and stress.  It helped me release a lot of tension and feel at peace and grounded.  A wonderful experience.

I love Healing Touch!  It makes me happy, relaxed, diminishes pain, and give me more self-confidence.

Felt so much lighter, relaxed and at peace.  Got some great tips for my time alone when I feel anxious.

Cecilia H.

Lots of emotional/stressful life events.  Healing Touch helped to decrease anixety/stress to better perform in life.  I felt relaxed after the     session which lasted into the evening.  Very relaxed and had a deep/good night's sleep.

Shannon S.

Valerie V.

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