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Healing Touch Level 2

Level 2 Course Content:

  • Sharing experiences of practicing the Basic Healing Touch Sequence & Level 1 Methods

  • The application of HT methods in clinical settings

  • The ten steps of the Healing Touch Sequence

  • The Intake Interview; energetic language and assessment; documentation of Intake Interview & HT Session

  • Personal Development of the Healing Touch Practitioner

  • Legal and Professional aspects of touch therapies

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Yoga at Home

Healing Touch Level 3

Level 3 Course Content:

  • Multiple dimensions of the Human Energy System

  • Development of Higher Sense Perception

  • Self-care for further development of the Healing Touch Practitioner

  • Theories of healing from the work of Barbara Brennan & others

  • Practitioner connection with inner guidance

  • Practice & discussion of the experience of the Hara Alignment Meditation

  • Clinical application of Level 3 methods including variations

  • Application of the HT Sequence using Level 3 methods

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