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Life - Our Ultimate Employer

I was having breakfast with an old friend and a new friend recently during our energy medicine workshop weekend. The topic of discussion was careers. My new friend was discussing how she was “just a housewife” and did not have a real job. She said she did not feel like she was contributing her share to the household monetarily. I stopped her mid conversation and replied, “Don't say that. You're employer is the Ultimate employer for us all, it's known as Life. You may not receive monetary value from it, but you've got a husband and 3 wonderful girls whom you love and they love you, and you have food and clothing and live in your dream home. Your job description with Life is that you are the organizer for your household by keeping things in balance and harmony, making sure your family’s needs are met and taken care of, and you are the caregiver to many other people and make a huge difference in their lives. That, my dear girl, is a major undertaking, so don’t short change yourself while working for Life. You can’t place a price on that work and you should be proud.” Both friends looked over at me with a look of wonderment and asked where I came up with that belief. I shared that it was Spirit who directed me to share that with them.

Each and everyone one of us on this earthly planet is an employee of Life. Yet, we don’t think of it way. We’ve been trained to believe that going to work requires money to be exchanged in order to be successful. We forget that we are here to live a life and that in doing so, requires us to work at becoming the individuals we wish to be for the betterment of ourselves and those we love. Our job description requires us to wake up each morning and place our feet on the earth, breathe and nourish every fiber of our body, live mindfully and embrace the beauty that surrounds us; not striving for perfection or to have what someone else has, just being grateful for the honor of living.

Life, in return for this work, provides the benefits of our breath, vision, mobility, and the interactions with our co-workers known as our family, friends, and acquaintances. It offers opportunities for us to grow and to learn from our experiences as well as our mistakes. Even when we have negative experiences, Life is there to provide the lessons we are here to learn, we just may not know or believe it during times of dis-ease or distress.

The expression “one’s life’s work,” is the work accomplished in or pursued throughout one’s lifetime. I’ve endured many positive and negative experiences while working for Life and am grateful for who I have become and continue to work through this Ultimate employer. Maryland, USA


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