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Coming out of the rain

Rain, Mother Nature’s way of cleansing and renewing our planet! The month of May brought us well over two weeks of continuous rain with only one day of sunshine in the Maryland area and across other areas of the Country. I received calls from family and friends who live in the West, the East and down South with comments of how weary they were of the rain and how it was affecting their mood. It reminded me of the chant from my childhood, “Rain, rain go away, come back on another day.” When I was young and couldn’t go outside and play with friends, I’d find comfort in reading a book or playing a board game with one of my siblings.

I have always adored a good rainstorm – it slows me down and brings a sense of peace over me as I take time for reflection. I think about how it is Mother Nature’s way of bathing the earth to wash away what no longer serves, releasing the old and making way for new growth. I look around outside and see how lush and beautiful the landscape is, how lovely it is to awaken each morning to the melodies of the birds singing; to watch the birds as they bathe in the puddles that form and seem to delight in it.

According to Columbia University researchers, the rain provides negative ions that are believed to create a biochemical reaction that increases serotonin levels, which helps to relieve stress, depression and allow us to feel more energetic. Ever noticed how energetic you feel when you are near the ocean, a waterfall, or simply enjoying a day out in nature? Those are the healing effects of the negative ions that the air provides from the moving waters. These negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible. All we have to do is breathe them in. And, there are no side effects, and it’s free!

I’ve used these past 18 days to catch up on chores that need attending to that I’ve put on hold – things like cleaning out closets, cabinets and drawers - clearing out the old to make room for the new, whatever that may be. I’ve been editing and writing, as well as researching what my next educational foray will be to expand my knowledge of other energy medicine practices that I can incorporate into my private practice and share with my clients, colleagues, friends and family.

I’ve encouraged those that have expressed weariness over the continuous rain to focus on the positive benefits of these negative ions; to embrace the quiet, clearing out their spaces - making way for the new, and to listen to the sounds of nature - for the Earth has music for those who listen. These are the blessing that have been coming out of the rain for me. How do you come out of the rain?

Maryland, USA


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