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Earthing for a Healthier You!

The other day, we experienced an early Spring day with temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine. I was thrilled to no end!! I could hardly stand myself, as I was able to step outside barefoot onto the grass and connect with the energies of the Earth.

I immediately began to feel centered and grounded as I visualized and experienced the healing energies from the Earth coming up through the soles of my feet, moving up into my legs, hips and pelvis, moving upward into my lower abdomen, then onward to the upper abdomen, into my heart center and lungs, up into my shoulders and arms, onward to my neck, my jaw, my brow and moving on up to the top of my head. I felt rejuvenated and grounded for the first time after the cold winter months.

As April 22nd is Earth Day, I felt it appropriate to share the benefits of this natural process of self-healing with you. “Earthing” is the process of absorbing the earth’s free flowing electrons from its surface through the soles of the feet. You may also lie down on the ground, as your clothing will not effect the penetration of this healing energy.

Think about this concept. We are energetic beings on this Earthly planet having a human experience. The trees, plants, birds, mammals, animals are all energetic beings and are alive because of the energies that the Earth provides.

Earthing is simple, safe and a natural way to improve one’s health. The Earth’s energetic waves are called free electrons, which carry a negative charge. Our bodies build up free radicals throughout our day simply by our movements and exercise. These free radicals carry a positive charge, which cause inflammation that can cause dis-ease in our bodies leading to heart illnesses, pain, and poor immune function. Experiments have shown that Earthing has helps to reverse these conditions.

Think about the times that you have been at the beach and walked in the sand barefoot and near the water and how calm and relaxed your entire being felt. You were experiencing a double-whammy of sorts – for the ground beneath your feet was providing the healing energy along with the ocean water, which is also a great conductor of healing energy. This is one of the reason’s why you experience a better night of sleep after a day at the beach.

I so love the concept of Earthing! Go ahead try it for yourself. Take your socks and shoes off and walk barefoot in the dirt, grass, sand, or rocks. Visualize or experience the healing energy of the Earth moving up through the soles of your feet and up through your entire body. Feel it nourish every fiber of your being. I am barefoot every chance I get, and I believe healthier for it. Happy Earthing!

Maryland, USA


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